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HEA Individual Member Pack containing all the information you need to apply for HEA Individual Membership including CPD guidance. For organisations - please use the HEA Organisational Application Form

HEA Organisational Member Application Form Iss 2.4 dated 28th June 2017 in Word format. The form now reflects that those organisations who are client or consultants with no accreditation to ISO 9001 may apply as Associate Members.    

HEA Organisation Member Application form Iss 2.4 dated 28/06/17 in pdf format.

HEA Training Committee which also acts as the NHSS 8 / HERS Standards and Training sub-committee Constitution and Terms of Reference

Fast Track H&S training and HERS Registration suitable for Clients and other Managers wishing to be registered as Approved Persons under the Highway Electrical Registration Scheme (HERS). This provides the certification for H&S training, optional Manual Handling and optional "G39/2" training, ECS HE version H&S test, and site assessments to cover Found01 and Found 07 together with a completed portfolio and registration to HERS. A One Stop Shop for HERS Registration for Approved Persons.   

A briefing note prepared originally for the HSE to explain the key elements of HERS. This has been updated to ensure references (e.g. to legislation, standards and stakeholders) are up to date

A zip file containing ECS HERS Card Application Forms / Authorisation Certificates for all occupational titles in the HERS Handbook Appendix 2 matrix including changes to 5/1 for Mtce Op - Fault Repair.

HERS Handbook Appendix 3 form - for registering an Organisation to HERS

Form for the initial application as Authorised Invigilator (Attendance at the HEA ECS HE version H&S test Authorised Invigilator trainng required before registering) 

HERS Handbook App 5.5 Reregistration Form for Authorised Invigilators

This document details the requirements for the registration of organisations and the registration of employees who have been assessed by their employing Organisation as Authorised Persons and the consequential issue, following registration of the employee, with an ECS HERS Card.

This scheme specifically meets the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 version of National Highway Sector Scheme 8 (NHSS 8) and is for organisations who wish their employees to be registered for the range of occupations relating to NHSS 8.

HERS Portfolio Site Assessment Forms  - Combined Common Areas - Nov 15

Updated 10th April 2019

HERS Site Assessment Forms - Pt 2 Specialist Areas - Nov 2015 for all specialist areas

Highway Electrical Training Specification for the Installation and Maintenance of Highway Electrical Works. Meeting the requirements of National Highways Sector Scheme 8 (NHSS 8); the Highway Electrical Registration Scheme (HERS); the Knowledge Requirements of the relevant units of CBQ Levels 2 and 3 for the Highway Electrical Sector.

The IET report looking at public awareness of and egagement in Smart Cities published in 2016

IET-REEELS - The IET Recommendations for Energy Efficient Exterior Lighting Traiing Course covers this important document together with the Good Practice Specification Template and other important and relevant documents and tools. This is a must for anyone associated with the highway electrical sector  

Courses offered by J McCann & Co (Nottingham) Ltd

Kier Highways are looking to add to their Road Lighting Design Teams based in London, Birmingham, Chorley or Cardiff, with positions for an Engineer and Assistant Engineer.

The recast Directive is designed to strengthen current legislation and to combat the culture of late payments in commercial transactions within the European Union, by laying down common minimum requirements, essentially extending the protections already enjoyed by UK businesses across the Union.
Government supports the revision of the Directive as it seeks to introduce a number of improvements to the original, providing clarity, saving business money and creating a level playing field for UK suppliers trading across the Single Market. 

The latest guidance from the Lighting Column Technical Forum (LCTF) in conjunction with the HEA on column / post root protection

The latest guidance from the Lighting Column Technical Forum (LCTF) in conjunction with the HEA on the protection (painting) of galvanised Lighting columns

Mystery Shopper Service Progress Report: Trends from the First 18 Months

On 11 February 2011, The Prime Minister and Minister for the Cabinet Office announced a series of measures to open up public procurement to greater participation by SMEs. One of the announcements made was the launch of the Mystery Shopper service. This service exists to provide a structured mechanism for suppliers of all shapes and sizes as well as others, such as trade organisations, to raise concerns about public procurement practice and processes. This can be done on an anonymous basis in order that concerns can be raised without suppliers feeling they may jeopardise their ongoing commercial relationships. In line with the Government’s commitment to transparency, reports of cases investigated are published on the Cabinet Office website.

The constitution and termsof reference for the NHSS 8 and HERS Committee. This is based on the framework set out in NHSS 0

This Sector Scheme Document (SSD) relates to the quality management system requirements for the overseeing and / or installation and / or maintenance of Highway Electrical equipment and supporting works. It sets out to identify common particular requirements / particular applications of ISO 9001:2015 for Organizations and Certification Bodies engaged in the sector and the minimum qualifications that an assessor/auditor requires.


The document shall be read in conjunction with ISO 9001:2015.

October 2014 Update Sheet for NHSS8 and HERS setting out the key changes

Update sheet setting out the key facts on the transition to ISO 9001:2015 in terms of the standard itself and also how it will affect NHSS documents 

The Highway Electrical Association is a dynamic, flexible and forward-looking members' organisation and we now have a vacancy within our training, auditing and assessing team.

HESA Practical Performance Assessment for the NVQ Competency Based Qualifications in the Highway Electrical Sector. Information for Learners and Employers

This course aims to familiarize appropriately competent and nominated persons, in order to allow them to act as a HERS Qualified Supervisor in preparing and monitoring a robust system of quality and competency

This document provides:

1. Guidance for the training of employees working in the Highway Electrical Industry
2. The specification for the requirements of Approved Training Organisations who wish to deliver training.
3. The specification for Approved Trainers who wish to deliver training.
Training Organisations or Trainers who are applying for re-approval should read this document before re-applying.

Practical Performance Assessment for the Competency Based Qualifications in the Highway Electrical Sector

Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Highway Electrical Systems (QCF)
Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Highway Electrical Systems (QCF)

Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Servicing Highway Electrical Systems (QCF)
Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Servicing and Commissioning Highway Electrical Systems (QCF)

Courses offered by Skills Training Centre Ltd

Courses offered by SSE Contracting Ltd - CURRENTLY INTERNAL TRAINING ONLY

Derby County Council have a vacancy for a Street Lighting Clerk of Works within their Highway Asset Management Team.

We are looking for a Street Lighting Technician to undertake work on existing highway electrical equipment and new installations across the Transport for Buckinghamshire contract.

Advanced Level Apprenticeships in the Electrotechnical Industry are designed to reflect the industry's competence requirements. In this document are the following sector occupation framework pathways:
 Highway Electrical Systems Service & Maintenance
 Highway Electrical Systems Commissioning

A zip file containing the following documents:
Appendix F - Application and use of the HESA LOGO
Form 1a HESA Application for Registration as an Approved Training Organisation
Form 1b HESA Initial Evidence Application Report
Form 2 Application for Registration as an Approved Trainer
Form 3 Approved Trainer Additional Scope Request
Form 4 Approved Trainer to an Additional Approved Training Organisation
Form  5 Application for Re-registration Iss3.6 110118