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StreetlightRepairShotThe competency of organisations and their employees working in the highway electrical industry has a direct bearing on the health and safety of people working in the industry. The highway electrical sector has embraced the need to address their H&S record and under the leadership of the Highways Agency has established National Highway Sector Scheme 8 (NHSS 8). National Highway Sector Schemes are integrated management systems that have been developed, as a partnership, by all sides of the highway industry to interpret ISO 9001 as it applies to a particular highway activity. There is a strong element of Health, Safety and the creation, assessment, monitoring and review of competence in those schemes that cover service provision.

NHSS 8 calls up the Highway Electrical Registration Scheme (HERS). HERS is also available to non-ISO 9001 organisations. HERS sets the training and competence assessments for organisations and individual employees and is the standard for the industry. HESA - the Highway Electrical Skills Academy (formerly the Highway Electrical Sector Academy) has been formed to co-ordinate, agree and monitor training and competence assessment standards.

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