NHSS8-HERS Portfolio Master Forms

HERS Portfolio Contents / Index Summary of Evidence Page updated to include an employer statement in lieu of a copy of the Driver's Licence (where applicable)

Procedure to upload a combined Card Application form / Authorisation Certificate and photo for ECS HERS Cards. Dec 2014 issue includes requirement that files MUST be uploaded as Word 97-2003 files and not as Word .docx files otherwise they cannot be edited in the future  

A zip file containing ECS HERS Card Application Forms / Authorisation Certificates for all occupational titles in the HERS Handbook Appendix 2 matrix including changes to 5/1 for Mtce Op - Fault Repair.

HERS Portfolio Site Assessment Forms  - Combined Common Areas - Nov 15

Updated 10th April 2019

HERS Site Assessment Forms - Pt 2 Specialist Areas - Nov 2015 for all specialist areas