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HEA Safety

CDM 2015 Information pack containing the legal document, HSE Guidance, Construction Industry Guidance on the individual roles of Client, Principal Designer, Designer, Principal Contractor, Contractor and Worker. In addition there are a number of FAQs raised since the introduction of CDM 2015, including the specific issue raised by the HEA on DNOs. This guidance and information supports the  Highway Electrical / HERS Training Specification Course 805 on the CDM Regulations 2015 - specifically aimed at supervisors, managers, designers and clients.

The Pye Tait report on Competence in Construction, published originally in September 2014

HEA-HEMSA's Guidance on Outline Highway Electrical designs originally produced under the CDM2007 Regulations has been updated to include the CDM 2015 Regulations

The 2017 edition of the HEA Best Practice Guide for Highway Electrical Work on Centre Islands and Pedestrian Refuges has been updated in line with CDM2015 and Chapter 8 guidance.