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HEA Membership and Audit Information

Organisational Audit Checklist covering initial and biennial audits for organisations for HEA Members, HEA-HEMSA Members and HERS Registered Organisations 

The location of the HEA Offices and how to get there!

HEA Bylaws and Code of Conduct Issue 2.3 dated 28th June 2017 following the EGM at the Joint HEA and HEA-HEMSA Members Meeting 

HEA Code of Conduct Issue 2.3  dated 28th June 2017 in one page A3 format

HEA Individual Member Application Form only. For the full suite of information download the HEA Individual Membership Pack. For organisations - please use the HEA Organisational Application Form

HEA Individual Member Pack containing all the information you need to apply for HEA Individual Membership including CPD guidance. For organisations - please use the HEA Organisational Application Form

HEA Organisational Member Application Form Iss 2.4 dated 28th June 2017 in Word format. The form now reflects that those organisations who are client or consultants with no accreditation to ISO 9001 may apply as Associate Members.    

HEA Organisation Member Application form Iss 2.4 dated 28/06/17 in pdf format.