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Health and Safety Alerts

H&S Alert regarding blue shaethed (as opposed to the more usual black sheathed) 600 / 1000V Electric cable discvered underground 

HEA Health and Safety Alert: CUTOUTS

Instances have occurred of the fuse assembly becoming detached within the cutout, and there may be situations when the cutout casing could become live.

Catastrophic failures have been reported at intervals for a number of years – the last one within the last month - and can occur when removing or replacing the cutout fuse carrier. The reason for such failures is not known in every case, but in some cases it has been due to the combination of missing shrouds and insect infestation – with the electricity tracking across the insects causing a direct line to neutral short. In at least one case there does not appear to have been any visible signs of distress or other issues which may have caused the failure.

Recommended Actions

HEA Health and Safety Alert: Insulation Shrinkage

Examples of insulation shrinkage - or catastrophic failure as a result of such shrinkage - from DNO supplies over the period 2005-2011 in areas such as Hertfordshire, Essex, Cambridge, London Boroughs and the North East of England and Recomended Actions