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The proposals laid out in this paper are the most radical change to the management of our highways in nearly half a century, and the biggest investment in improvements since the seventies. Together, they will transform the way our roads feel and function, securing delivery and driving growth for a generation.

BSI PAS 91 is a publicly available specification (PAS) that sets out the content, format and use of questions that are widely applicable to prequalifi cation for construction tendering.
To be eligible for prequalification, it is necessary that suppliers demonstrate that they possess or have access to the governance, qualifi cations and references, expertise, competence, health and safety/environmental/fi nancial and other essential capabilities to the extent necessary for them to be considered appropriate to undertake work and deliver services for potential buyers.

The purpose of the report is to:
▪ Set out the opportunity available to UK Local Authorities through the conversion of their existing streetlights to new low energy technology. The report will set out the cost savings and environmental benefits created by making the transition. Details of some early movers are also provided. 
▪ Introduce a new financing package from the UK Government-backed Green Investment Bank (GIB). GIB has created a bespoke finance package to support Local Authorities who wish to make the switch. This supported product is now being deployed into Local Authority projects fitting flexibly into the energy cost savings envelope, and on terms broadly comparable with Public Works Loan Board (PWLB) finance.
The recast Directive is designed to strengthen current legislation and to combat the culture of late payments in commercial transactions within the European Union, by laying down common minimum requirements, essentially extending the protections already enjoyed by UK businesses across the Union.
Government supports the revision of the Directive as it seeks to introduce a number of improvements to the original, providing clarity, saving business money and creating a level playing field for UK suppliers trading across the Single Market. 

Mystery Shopper Service Progress Report: Trends from the First 18 Months

On 11 February 2011, The Prime Minister and Minister for the Cabinet Office announced a series of measures to open up public procurement to greater participation by SMEs. One of the announcements made was the launch of the Mystery Shopper service. This service exists to provide a structured mechanism for suppliers of all shapes and sizes as well as others, such as trade organisations, to raise concerns about public procurement practice and processes. This can be done on an anonymous basis in order that concerns can be raised without suppliers feeling they may jeopardise their ongoing commercial relationships. In line with the Government’s commitment to transparency, reports of cases investigated are published on the Cabinet Office website.