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302.1 -TrainingCourseSyllabus_Timetable_BookingForm_Iss 1.3 May2018


302.1 -TrainingCourseSyllabus_Timetable_BookingForm_Iss 1.3 May2018

This course aims to provide employees working within the Highway Electrical Sector the underpinning knowledge required for the understanding and use of equipment for Safety at Street Works and Road Works, as appropriate to the scope of their work on site. It aims to cover Moving / Minor Works / Short duration and Single Vehicle works signing and guarding, and provides an awareness of other forms of signing and guarding.

It provides the underpinning knowledge to satisfy the training requirements of NHSS8 (as agreed with NHSS 12D) and does not confer NHSS12D registration on the Learner. In order to satisfy the current assessment requirements of NRSWA Unit 2 or Unit 10, additional modules are required

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