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12/02/18 Apprenticeship Provider Check list – can your Apprenticeship Provider meet expectations – the questions to ask download | more...
11/02/18 Updated Client Information Guidance more...
12/09/17 The  HEA Guide to CE Marking - including the Constructions Products Regulations (CPR) has been revised and is now at Issue 1.5.
10/02/2017 Updated Best Practice Guidance on highway electrical work on centre islands now available on the Downloads page.
03/01/2017 ISO 9001:2015 versions of the NHSS 8 document (uncontrolled) and the HERS Handbook in HERS Downloads as a zip file together with updated guidance for ECS HE version H&S test Invigilators
11/07/16 New! CDM 2015 Pack in HEA Downloads - plus - revised audit spreadsheet referencing NHSS 8 ISO 9001:2015 version relevant clauses 
01/03/16 Revised HERS Handbook to reflect changes in the ECS HE Version H&S test and procedures. ECS HE Version H&S test Information forms also available separately on Downloads
30/11/2015 Updated NHSS8 document, HERS Handbook, Card Application / Authorisation Forms and Site Assessment Forms now uploaded to the HERS Downloads page
09/04/2015 Updated Guidance from HEA-HEMSA on the applicability of CDM2015 to Outline Highway Electrical Designs is now available on the Downloads page
17/07/2014 Updated HEA Guidance on CE marking available under HEA Downloads - Technical with new sections on luminaires, enforcement and a new FAQ on retrofitting together with updates on Eurocode EN 1090
17/03/2014 UCCG update latest Survey on DNO's Non-contestable charges for contestable works with NPG information - see under Downloads / UCCG
19/07/2013 DfT publishes Action for Roads  - available under Business Info downloads
11/06/2013 HEA publishes updated guidance to IDNOs - see under Downloads - HEA-UCCG
22/05/2013 HEA publishes Guidance to the CPR and CE  marking based on information received as at 21st May 2013. This comes into effect - as law - from 1st July 2013.
02/05/2013 HEA publishes two new guides for members - HEA Guide to Public Lighting Asset Owner Obligations and Liabilities and the Best Practice Guide to PPE in the Highway Electrical Sector
19/03/2013 The HEA Guide on the Intelligent Lifetime Management of Public Lighting Life Safety Engineering Systems is available under HEA Downloads - HEA Technical 
08/01/2013 BS5489 2013 released - see download under HEA-HEMSA Technical
04/01/2013 DfT Traffic Advisory Leaflet 01/13 - Reducing Sign Clutter is now available to download under HEA-HEMSA Technical documents
10/07/2010 The revised HEMSA and pan-industry guide to specifying LED products is available